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Medium duty Longspan Shelving supplier from China

Medium duty longspan shelving also be called longspan shelf, medium duty shelf system, racks for picking & picking racks etc. It’s a economical, durable and versatile system widely used as commercial, industrial , retail or household storage, longspan shelving provides a reliable, efficient solution for you storage and display. the longspan shelving is structured by upright frames, beams, steel shelf, wire shelf or wooden/timber shelves. It’s usually recommended for small to medium weight items / boxes.

medium duty longspan shelving supplier from China

Medium duty Longspan Shelving supplier from China

SuMetall longspan shelving made by high grade steel, with a simple and strong design ensured the long term durable performance. The sumetall longspan shelvings featured for it’sboltless locked-in system whick requiring no special tools, it is installed in minutes, and fully adjustable shelf heights, long spans. The longspan shelving is dismountable structure (knock down), it’s easy to install and relocation it has standard beams and upright frames with wide range modular size width, length, depth, heights. It makes for you easier to customize your precise storage.

Sumetall have confidence to make quality longspan shelving for you. as a leading longspan shelving manufacturer supplier in eastern China, we’ll make you satisfied once you choose to buy longspan shelvings from China supplier

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